Thursday, March 27, 2008

what im up to

this has been the busiest week ever. its crazy busy at work, and to top it off out office manager in shafter has her last day tomorrow. i am soooo tired. sorry for the lack of posting.

but i do have a few sites for all of yous to check out that i have found interesting, or at least entertaining (blogger isnt letting me embed links, sorry):

a birds nest - blog of a lady that just had twins. she hasnt posted in a little bit, but her blog has been fun to explore

a prolific squalor - blog of what appears to be snippets of im conversations.

gye greens thoughts - possibly a 'next blog' find, i cant remember. a bit of a nerd, but i enjoy him.

search free fonts - i LOVE fonts.

and a photo of me:


Anonymous said...

Love the picture really cute hair!

jennyo said...

Your hair looks great!