Wednesday, March 05, 2008


1. ive been thinking about joining the junior league. i started thinking about it in college, and never did anything about it, and recently have met a neighbor that is a member of the bakersfield junior league, and she gave me some info on how to join and such. the junior league building is right by my house, i pass it a lot on walks, and its super pretty.

2. i was telling some of you about a raclette. it is something that we should do sometime for dinner. my dad has two and im sure would love to host a evening.

3. a guy came into the mortuary the other day to have me design invitations for his 30th birthday party. he had then done like a funeral folder, the things that we hand out for a service, and they turned out really well. very fun to do.


edluv said...

are you still doing that party business?