Monday, March 03, 2008

better than a wednesday smile, it's a monday chuckle

my neighbors, josh and milena, have three kids (and a fourth, maybe fifth on the way) and have a great song they sing with them that their aunt taught them. it goes like this (i asked milena to email it to me, and she laughed and said 'are you going to put it on your blog'?):

(In a sing-song voice)

I see your booty.
It's such a cutie.
I see your hiney.
It's white and shiny.
It makes me giggle
To see it wiggle.

(the following verses are ones they made up to go along with the first three original ones):

I see your tushie.
It's soft and squishy.
I see your bottom.
Two cheeks you got 'em.
I see your fanny.
You need some panties.

anyway, they sing this little song and its super funny.


edluv said...

when do they sing that song?

Adam said...

When their grandpa comes over.

timidvenus said...

ed, i dont know when they sing it, but ive heard it, so aparently its whenever they have company.

really, it sounds like a bath song.

The Lulu said...

If I were a stripper, that would be my song.