Monday, February 11, 2008

today sucks

today pretty much sucked, except for a few things. one thing, our rep from pierce chemicals (they sell embalming supplies) came by this afternoon. hes a really nice guy and is always fun to chat with. i took a picture of his license plate because its cute:
my shirts came today in the mail, which is the other non-sucky thing about the day. here is me and georgia:

and if you imagine that the guy at the bar is me, and that yellow tail is really a beer, this is how i feel:
also, that came from married to the sea, and i edited the original version (which is probably not legal).

below is a logo i designed:
not that great, but completely follows the specifications i was given.

also, this evening georgia and i went to trader joes and there was an unavoidable sign-my-petition guy there. well, he asked me if i was registered to vote in kern county (yes) and asked how i felt about gay marriage (does he really care?). so i sign the petition and he says, now if youll look at this one, to which i say 'oh, ive already signed that one' (a lie, but he was annoying and kept telling me that my son (with earrings and mullet-tails) was so cute). so then he says that i can sign it again. now this is not legal, i am certain, and i tell him that. and really, i am sure i was taking my day out on this poor guy, because i then say 'who is having you do this? its not okay to tell me that i can sign the same petition twice. dont you feel bad at all???' so yeah, i lied to the guy in the first place, then i get furious with him. so, if hes reading this, i apologize.

UPDATE: i was doing dishes tonight and woody came into the kitchen and asked what was wrong. i start to bawl and tell him that my house is a mess and im so tired and i want to be able to keep my own house clean (and a bit about being a failure wife, whatever). i was really feeling sorry for myself and he says 'so why dont i cancel our valentines plans and we can get a housecleaning instead'. so, i said that would be great, which it is, but now i feel a little crappy because he really thought about what id like to do, and rented a limo and got reservations at tam-o-shanter, this old irish spot that he doesnt like but that i LOVE, and then drinks downtown. and really, i think its just my bad day, and i will be super excited about my house being clean when im in a better mood.


Adam said...

Love the shirts.

The petition guy was nuts though.

Adam said...

Aaaaw, that's sweet of him.

And this weekend is gonna be fun.

m.wise said...

great shirts, both of them

Demirep said...

Yes, excellent shirts (you are one hot mama, PS). I'm sorry you had a shite day Sara.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. It ight be the combination of the bad day and pent up bad days and being sick and all of this just bubbling up into your mini break down.

That is very sweet of what Woody planned and also how he took care of you and your needs.

timidvenus said...

thanks, guys.

and, fyi, much better day today.

carly said...

wait. did you really cancel your plans so you could stay home and clean? if so, you deserve mother/wife of the year award.

i'll make you a cake for it.

Adam said...

No, they canceled their plans so they could pay someone else to clean.

But you should still make her a cake.

timidvenus said...

yes, still make me a cake.

timidvenus said...

i like owls. an owl would make a lovely cake.

or a flower.

or adams initials. lol.

Adam said...


Ann Thrope said...

A day late and a dollar short but I sent you an sympathy ecard.

Hope today was better.

timidvenus said...

that card was AWESOME. thanks, e!!!

carly said...

OOOO! i'd love to try an owl!