Tuesday, February 19, 2008

this weekend and other things

so woody says hes not spinning this weekend. something about the girl booking the show forgot who she booked. we would love it though if people still came over. we were thinking about going out for drinks or something, but if you would rather not, thats okay. but let me say again, we would love the company.

also, i found a cool artist on etsy. really love this stuff for some reason. the portraits are awesome.

and my mom bought me this nice tea press (like a coffee press, but for tea). had some earl grey tonight, as it is raining a little and tea goes nicely with all types of weather.


Adam said...

Aaaw, that's a bummer that he didn't get booked. Maybe he can do a private show.

You know, lap dances, some nipple tassles.

Mike, you still wanna go?

m.wise said...

yes, adam, i do still want to go. there's just something alluring about bakersfield...i'm drawn to it. it must be the woody's though, because if they lived in fresno or visalia i would be much less drawn to bakersfield.

Adam said...

I was thinking it might be the people with the noose in their front yard, but it's probably the Woody's.

Demirep said...

I love that Etsy link you provided Sara. Really beautiful work. You know, we have Earl Grey and rainy days in Canada. Ahem. =D

timidvenus said...

woody says yes to the lap dances.

the noose is now gone, they probably were forced by some liberals to take it down.

and i would love to take a trip to canada and drink tea in the rain.

Adam said...

Frackin' liberals.

edluv said...

it's too bad he's not spinning, but good since i couldn't come. now i won't feel bad.