Thursday, February 14, 2008

my commute in pictures

here is what my drive to work looks like. from bakersfield to shafter its about 20 minutes, and from shafter to wasco is another 10 minutes.

these trees are on lerdo highway, which connects the 99 to the 43 (the road that takes you between shafter and wasco). there is a whole like of them, and i dont know what kind of tree they are, and they look really sad to me. their trunks split almost where they meet the ground so it looks like they all have multiple trunks (does that make sense?)
the trees above are almond trees. there are tons of almond fields in shafter.
here is the sign to our funeral home in shafter. i stop there on some days to say hi to lisa, the office manager (and nice lady that likes to go get beers and dance).
here is a photo of one of the best delis in the world. shafter train station (that is now a museum or something). amtrak does not stop here.
a photo of me and georgia in the rear-view.
the road from shafter to wasco. almond trees to the left.
and this field is also between shafter and wasco, and it was just eaten by a bunch of sheep last week. the sheep are gone now.


m.wise said...

good thing you have an ipod full of wonderful music to help you on your drive.

Adam said...

Very pretty. I was just on Lerdo Hwy last Saturday.

carly said...

sigh. the sight of palm trees makes me swoon.

Justin said...

are the sheep gone BECAUSE they ate the field?

Leah said...

I remember that train station in Shafter! My grandma lived right down the block and my sister and i would walk to that grocery store when we were bored.