Tuesday, February 05, 2008

home sick

not really sure who got me sick, but last night i knew i was going to feel like crap today. i woke up stuffy, with a sore throat, and a pounding headache. woody was nice and offered to take georgia to work with him, so i got up and got her ready, and packed food and a list of what to feed her and when, and they left at about 810 this morning. he already sent me a picture of georgia at work eating:
so, i went to the store to get some airborne for my cold, and as i was leaving i saw this cafe and decided to have breakfast. i had pancakes, bacon, egg whites and coffee, and read up on brangelinas twins, and fount out gwen stefani is pregnant. now im home, and have qvc on, although its nothing worth watching today (except for an hour of aquamarine jewelry at 10am, which isnt even close to a gem i wear), so i'll probably nap then.

ive been wondow shopping on etsy a lot lately, ever since i discovered it (thanks to leah) last november. i ended up ordering some stuff from moth designs, and am excited to get it in the mail soon. i really like her stuff and ordered 2 shirts for georgia and two for me.

also, i have a facebook account now. im tired of myspace. so, add me if you want.


Adam said...

Sorry you're under the weather.

You certainly didn't get it from me.

edluv said...

you'll be tired of facebook soon.