Monday, February 04, 2008

for impatient adam


timidvenus said...

that note is from georgia, not me

Adam said...

That's cool. She already has my name written on her tummy, so I figured it was from her.

Anyone who lets their kid play with big scissors is ok in my book. Can I get her a pocket knife for her birthday?

And thanks for appeasing me.

Oh, and I love the expression on her face in the second picture. It's like, "Ah, the classic teacher's scissors, I know this type well, though this particular pair looks to need some sharpening."

m.wise said...

i think the second picture is to determine whether little kids understand more than we give them credit for...sara is saying "if you don't like all of the mean comments people make about your billy ray cyrus hairdo, do something about it".
but i think she'll grow out of her mullet in a year or so and have great hair.

The Lulu said...

I had a mullet at Georgias age and just look at the brilliant head of hair I have now. She has so much to look frward to.

Also, I love the cabbage patch kid smile from behind the post it. She has great handwriting by the way.

carly said...

ok. um. i'm preeeetty sure i can't even handle that picture with the post-it over her face.

it makes me laugh out loud. "lol" if you will. but for real.