Sunday, January 06, 2008

what happened to the cat

i went to the ladys house tonight who owns the cat we ran over. i brought her a plant to tell her i am really sorry about her cat, sasha. the lady that lives in the house that woody went to after we ran over the cat said that it belonged to the lady that lived in the little house behind hers, but still on her property, and since i couldnt get to that little house without going into the backyard of the big house, i just went to the big house. the little old lady that owns it (or so i assume) answered the door and i explained who i was, and gave her the plant, and started to cry (what a girl, i know). she gave me a hug and said the other lady wasnt home, but that she had said it was nice of us to have stopped to let them know what we had done. i feel kind of bad that this lady was trying to make me feel better when i was the one who should feel bad anyway. so, she explained that they had gone to the emergency vet and been told that sasha was paralyzed and that she should be put to death, which is what they did. so, thats what happened to the cat.


m.wise said...

that was a nice thing to do.

on another, totally different note...check out your new background. groovy. although your previous background was nice too. but i guess change is good.

Anonymous said...

that is a nice thing to do, not many people are that mindful of pets and what they mean to the owners. When I was little that happened to our family. Our cat was hit and our neighbor was at fault. He brought him in a box and that was my brother's and I first lesson on death. It was pretty powerful, Ill never forget it. I think that memory would have been totally different if the neighbor didn't do that for us.

You are a very sweet and considerate person.

Also I too, love your background!

edluv said...

it's nice of you, and that's cool that you did it, but it wasn't your fault. (i'm assuming you didn't drive on the lawn, or swerve to hit the cat.)

but, again, i do think it's cool that you cared about what happened to someone else's pet.

Adam said...

It was extremely kind of you. Had I been the owner, I would have been very grateful, no matter the outcome.

Having someone tell me they had injured or killed my pet would have saved me a week or two of anxiety over that otherwise missing pet.

I understand the crying, especially right now. It's definitely not girlie; it's human and it illustrates just how much you care about others and their pets.