Wednesday, January 23, 2008

to the jerk with the silverado

get out of my parking space.

i went to target tonight to get a birthday card for my father in law and my friend, courtney, and i came out to find this guy parked way too close to my car. now, i could still fit in and get my door open and get in the car, but still. what did they think they were doing?
if you look closely underneath the rear right tire you can see the white line that indicates where they are to park. and it looks like the lights are on, but its just a reflection of my flash.


m.wise said...

that jerk!!! i hope his cd player stops working at a very inopertune time...and i have no idea how to spell that one word, you know which one i'm talking about. right?

Adam said...

Maybe the truck has a crush on your Jetta and just wanted to get close. Aaaaw.