Monday, January 14, 2008

qvc jewelry

so, i got some money to QVC for christmas from my parents and have been doing some research to figure out what i want. i decided on a ring, and the examples i have here are ones i really like, and all but one are asscher cut stones, which i really like.
this first one is a 4.25 carat limon quartz ring set in 14 k gold. its more yellow than this picture shows, but not like a topaz-y color.
this is not real diamonds and the center stone is 3 carats. i wish i could show you the other views on this one, the gallery is really pretty.
the center stone in this ring is 1.75 carats. its also not real diamonds, and not as expensive as the rings with real stones in them, and its silver, not gold.
i cant quite figure out why i like this one. i mean, its really pretty, silver and 18 k gold with peridot, but its not my style at all (and is not asscher cut)
this one is amythest (my birthstone, unfortunately) and the center is 4.25 carats. i like that its a true purple, and think i would wear it sometimes, but this is the one i think i would wear the least because i dont really wear purple.
this last one is 4.8 carats of blush garnet set in 14 k gold. pretty stuff.

so, what do you think?


Bek said...

I like the first, second and third rings. But I think that the third one is the best.

edluv said...

i like the peridot and silver one.

Carrie said...

Good choices, Sar...I like the two faux diamond ones a lot - but I don't think I would choose them for precisely that reason. I think I would go with the top one. I like the garnet one a lot too - my stone. I would like the amythest better if it were set in white gold or silver. And I am strangely attracted to the weird one too, though it's not my style at all.

timidvenus said...

ed, i would not have expected that from you.

m.wise said...

i like the first and the last, partly because of the simplicity of the stones and partly because of strength/fullness/richness of the colors.

Demirep said...

I really like the fourth picture, with the peridot. I think it looks antique, in an art nouveau-esque way.

Anonymous said...

I have to say my favorite would be ther first.

edluv said...

why are you surprised?

that i responded? or my particular choice?

here's my explanation. first, i responded because i a fashionable, image concious, sexy byatch. second, i like the peridot & silver one because it's simple, classy looking, and a bit unobtrusive. it also has a bit of a retro feel to it. the others have that "i got this ginormous fake stone off qvc feel to them." you know, like when you see grandma with the 20 carat diamondique ring on. you know that shit aint real.