Thursday, January 31, 2008

my 10 word story

mike had an idea to create a scene or story that had to include a list of words in it. there are 10 words that must be used. they do not have to be used in any particular order. you can use alternate meanings of the words, or their normal usage. the story can be a run-on sentence, or a paragraph(s). you can use as many of the key words in a sentence that you want. after writing your story, you should tag 3 others to do the same.

the words i had to use:
1. pot 2. pan 3. spoon 4. fork 5. knife 6. glass 7. fire 8. water 9. light 10. sink

once upon a time, there was a there was a little snail that lived in the garden of a quaint house in the woods. the snail was very thankful to have such a beautiful place to live, and had sheltered herself in a forgotten corner of the yard, under an old pot once used to house callas or irises, or some such flower. it was a humble make-shift house, but kept out the morning light, as well as the water when it rained.
every day, as the snail began her routine of wandering around to find something tasty to eat, she would listen to the gardens caretaker sing as she took care of the plants. the caretaker was lovely, with fire-colored hair that she wore up in a ponytail, and had a beautiful voice that the snail loved to listen to. she would often cut flowers with a small knife and place them in a vase in one of the windows to the house, to remind her of the beauty just outside the door.
the woman knew about the little snail and would fill a small glass dish each day for the gastropod to drink. the snail was happy to have such a nice spot to live, and would travel around the garden daily, looking for new things (the caretaker had very eclectic taste) to discover, but was careful after a rain, so as not to sink in an unknown spot. she would meander about, slowly finding things long for gotten in the lush growth, and thanking pan for each leaf she crossed. sometimes she would discover something ordinary, a spoon or fork, and other times it would be an object unknown to her, like a candy wrapper or a book (snails cant read).
the snail was very happy in the day, having peaceful times in the garden, and would head back home satisfied with herself. she loved her little life there, and hoped it would be a long time before some careless child would step on her, crushing her to death.

i tag:
carly, demirep, dad

and give you these words to use:
fireplace, calligraphy, green, picture, float, fur, scar, birthday, fresh, magic


Adam said...

What an ending!

Well done, well done.

m.wise said...

great story, sara. fun to read. and you picked some good words for the next three to use.

carly said...

i got tagged! yay!

and my favorite parts of the story were the caretaker's fire-colored hair. and that you used the word gastropod.

Demirep said...

You have met the challenge. Great story. =)