Friday, January 11, 2008

got clean air?

now, i dont think i have any problem thanking people. im pretty good at thanking someone if they should be thanked, actually, and i even like doing so. i also dont have a problem with democrats, well, not any more than i have with republicans, green partiers, whigs, teenagers, or country music listeners. so when i saw this bumber sticker, it made me think.
if you cant read it, it reads 'got clean air? thank a democrat.' now, i dont know, but isnt the whole issue surrounding our air that it isnt clean? at first i thought maybe it was a joke, that the person driving the car must not be a democrat, and trying to be a jerk, but on the other half of the bumper was an obama bumper sticker. so, yeah, im not sure what the deal is with this sticker.


edluv said...

yeah, air in bakos is terrible. and arvin is ranked in the worst in the u.s., so i wouldn't thank anyone for that.

i saw some great ones yesterday and almost stopped to photo them, but i was riding my bike and wanted to get home. maybe i'll try and see if it's there today.

Peter & Toni said...

this sounds strange, and I swear I am not some sort of stalker, but I actually know whose car this is. It is none other than Shafter's most famous resident (or not) State Senator Dean Florez. So your prediction of being a democrat would be correct. I am sure he originally wanted a sticker that said "Thank me, Dean Florez"...they must have been sold out

timidvenus said...

thats crazy. it must have been his daughter (or very young wife) driving. i guess i didnt know he was a democrat. i saw him at brookside the other day too.

adam said...

I think the idea is that, stereotypically, Dems are the ones admitting that humans are a participant in global climate change and that we should be attempting to do something about it.

So yeah, while it doesn't work now, I see where he's going with it.

Either way, it's stupid. Most, if not all bumper stickers are stupid and airing your partisanship for all to see is a good way to have other drivers make it difficult for you to merge.

Demirep said...

No better way to show your political mettle than a bumper sticker.