Thursday, January 31, 2008

my 10 word story

mike had an idea to create a scene or story that had to include a list of words in it. there are 10 words that must be used. they do not have to be used in any particular order. you can use alternate meanings of the words, or their normal usage. the story can be a run-on sentence, or a paragraph(s). you can use as many of the key words in a sentence that you want. after writing your story, you should tag 3 others to do the same.

the words i had to use:
1. pot 2. pan 3. spoon 4. fork 5. knife 6. glass 7. fire 8. water 9. light 10. sink

once upon a time, there was a there was a little snail that lived in the garden of a quaint house in the woods. the snail was very thankful to have such a beautiful place to live, and had sheltered herself in a forgotten corner of the yard, under an old pot once used to house callas or irises, or some such flower. it was a humble make-shift house, but kept out the morning light, as well as the water when it rained.
every day, as the snail began her routine of wandering around to find something tasty to eat, she would listen to the gardens caretaker sing as she took care of the plants. the caretaker was lovely, with fire-colored hair that she wore up in a ponytail, and had a beautiful voice that the snail loved to listen to. she would often cut flowers with a small knife and place them in a vase in one of the windows to the house, to remind her of the beauty just outside the door.
the woman knew about the little snail and would fill a small glass dish each day for the gastropod to drink. the snail was happy to have such a nice spot to live, and would travel around the garden daily, looking for new things (the caretaker had very eclectic taste) to discover, but was careful after a rain, so as not to sink in an unknown spot. she would meander about, slowly finding things long for gotten in the lush growth, and thanking pan for each leaf she crossed. sometimes she would discover something ordinary, a spoon or fork, and other times it would be an object unknown to her, like a candy wrapper or a book (snails cant read).
the snail was very happy in the day, having peaceful times in the garden, and would head back home satisfied with herself. she loved her little life there, and hoped it would be a long time before some careless child would step on her, crushing her to death.

i tag:
carly, demirep, dad

and give you these words to use:
fireplace, calligraphy, green, picture, float, fur, scar, birthday, fresh, magic

thanks, carrie

in all my years of marriage i dont think i will EVER get woody to dance with me, even like that.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my day

this morning i had a doctors appointment, to see my primary care physician about how bad my milk boobs have been hurting. i stopped nursing 11 days ago, and have been sore ever since then. while it was very embarrassing to go in and have the doctor check me, he said i didnt seem to have anything serious, and gave me a prescription to help.

i went in to work after seeing the doctor and got a little paperwork done, and then had some work in the embalming room to get done. i decided that i would listen to sublime today, and had a great time remembering all of the old songs and such (40oz to freedom is my favorite album of theirs).

after leaving work i went to target to get my drugs, and georgia and i went home to hang out a bit. on the way home, just down the street, there was a car that drove/wrecked into a house. i tried to take a photo, but there were too many cop cars/tow trucks in the way.

we ended up having dinner at jakes, a tex-mex place that is actually good near our house. woody had a trip to l.a. for work, so we were on our own.

then we went home and played with dolls and teepees, and i gave georgia a bath and put her to bed.

fairly boring day, but its nice to have one of those every once in a while.


it turns out that the thing that brings new people to my blog the most via a search engine is my post about st brigid. people google 'st brigid of sweden' and mine pops up.

also, looking at these last two posts makes me seem catholic.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my rosary

i have a rosary hanging from my rear view mirrior that has been there since i got my car in july of 2004. my friend gave it to me since it was the same color as the car and i really like rosaries, so i kept it there. about a year ago (who knows, maybe longer) i noticed that jesus had fallen off and didnt know where he went. i sort of forgot that he was missing, and then i had my car washed and when it was done, jesus was on the passengers seat, probably put there by one of the car washers. well, i couldnt bring myself to throw him away, it was jesus after all, and have kept him in the ash tray (it didnt seem like a bad spot until now) with my change and nail clippers (woody thinks its gross that i clip/file my nails in the car, but i just hate having nails so much i cant help it). really, i have nothing interesting to say about the rosary and its detached savior, just thought id take some pics of them as i was driving to work today.

also, is anyone planning to go to the philharmonic this weekend? i was thinking about going sunday, if i can find a sitter.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

to the jerk with the silverado

get out of my parking space.

i went to target tonight to get a birthday card for my father in law and my friend, courtney, and i came out to find this guy parked way too close to my car. now, i could still fit in and get my door open and get in the car, but still. what did they think they were doing?
if you look closely underneath the rear right tire you can see the white line that indicates where they are to park. and it looks like the lights are on, but its just a reflection of my flash.

Monday, January 21, 2008

baby mullet

i went to monterey this past weekend with my friend, amber (to celebrate her 30th birthday) and her friend michele (to celebrate her 33rd birthday). saturday we went to carmel and had a nice day of shopping (when did they get a tiffany and co?) and walking. we were strolling along ocean ave, and a couple passes us (we had georgia in the stroller) and i hear the guy say 'that baby has a freaking mullet' and so i turn around (at this point he was behind us) and say 'yes, she does. would you like to take a picture? its natural, i dont have it cut that way' (ive been asked before why i cut my daughters hair into a mullet). well he responds that he was just being a dick and that yes, they would LOVE to get a picture of the baby and her mullet, so they took one (actually i think they took two) of georgia.

anyway, maybe shell be famous.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wasting some time

i was surfing the web and found an interesting site by an artist. he will paint any day of the year (for a fee) for you, as long as that day hasnt already been purchased by another. it looks like you pick a date that has special meaning for you and write him the story of that day and he draws it and sends it to you. he is going to do it until the 365 days are all done.
blogger wont let me add a link.

this site is where i found the 365 days site:
it graphs any website into pretty pictures that can be seen here:
if you want some examples.

anyway, whatever. its sort of weird. an old friend told me about the webgraph page and i finally got around to remembering about it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

qvc jewelry

so, i got some money to QVC for christmas from my parents and have been doing some research to figure out what i want. i decided on a ring, and the examples i have here are ones i really like, and all but one are asscher cut stones, which i really like.
this first one is a 4.25 carat limon quartz ring set in 14 k gold. its more yellow than this picture shows, but not like a topaz-y color.
this is not real diamonds and the center stone is 3 carats. i wish i could show you the other views on this one, the gallery is really pretty.
the center stone in this ring is 1.75 carats. its also not real diamonds, and not as expensive as the rings with real stones in them, and its silver, not gold.
i cant quite figure out why i like this one. i mean, its really pretty, silver and 18 k gold with peridot, but its not my style at all (and is not asscher cut)
this one is amythest (my birthstone, unfortunately) and the center is 4.25 carats. i like that its a true purple, and think i would wear it sometimes, but this is the one i think i would wear the least because i dont really wear purple.
this last one is 4.8 carats of blush garnet set in 14 k gold. pretty stuff.

so, what do you think?

Friday, January 11, 2008

got clean air?

now, i dont think i have any problem thanking people. im pretty good at thanking someone if they should be thanked, actually, and i even like doing so. i also dont have a problem with democrats, well, not any more than i have with republicans, green partiers, whigs, teenagers, or country music listeners. so when i saw this bumber sticker, it made me think.
if you cant read it, it reads 'got clean air? thank a democrat.' now, i dont know, but isnt the whole issue surrounding our air that it isnt clean? at first i thought maybe it was a joke, that the person driving the car must not be a democrat, and trying to be a jerk, but on the other half of the bumper was an obama bumper sticker. so, yeah, im not sure what the deal is with this sticker.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

spring 2008

here are some highlignts from the spring 08 runway shows.

the above dress is from dolce and gabbana and is my favorite of all collections everywhere.
this one is michael kors. i think id like it better in peach, but its nice.

and this last one is derek lam. very pretty.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

what happened to the cat

i went to the ladys house tonight who owns the cat we ran over. i brought her a plant to tell her i am really sorry about her cat, sasha. the lady that lives in the house that woody went to after we ran over the cat said that it belonged to the lady that lived in the little house behind hers, but still on her property, and since i couldnt get to that little house without going into the backyard of the big house, i just went to the big house. the little old lady that owns it (or so i assume) answered the door and i explained who i was, and gave her the plant, and started to cry (what a girl, i know). she gave me a hug and said the other lady wasnt home, but that she had said it was nice of us to have stopped to let them know what we had done. i feel kind of bad that this lady was trying to make me feel better when i was the one who should feel bad anyway. so, she explained that they had gone to the emergency vet and been told that sasha was paralyzed and that she should be put to death, which is what they did. so, thats what happened to the cat.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

this year

i think i am going to do these things:

1. compost. now, my dads compost pile was always in the back yard. that doesnt work so well for me, as the back yard is pool and concrete (or is it cement...), so i will make an indoor one. if that doesnt work i dont know what i will do. i would try to do it in the front yard, but downtown has rats and i dont want to attract them with food scraps.

2. recycle. this would be a lot easier if bakersfield had a good recycling program. ill just have to do what i did in college and take it in myself (although im not sure where).

3. reuse. i have soooooooooo many nice canvas grocery bags that never get used for groceries. i will put them in my car and actually use them when i buy things. this is the easiest of the things i want to do, so i need to do it.

4. get more pedicures. i never really got pedicures before i was pregnant with georgia, and only did then because i got too large to paint my own toenails, and i miss them. i think i should resolve to get at least 5 this year.

5. read books i havent read before (and maybe read the giver one more time). i am open to suggestions here. nothing too scary though.