Monday, December 10, 2007

things that bother me

1. people that dont stop at stop signs. it is probably the easiest rule to follow, all you have to do is stop. the vehicle does not move when stopped. the sign does not read 'roll slowly'. stop. thats it.

2. alternative music. its just junk.

3. women (and men i suppose) that think that because they dont want/like kids that i have done myself and society a disservice by having one. some of us want children, and dont want you to have them if you dont want them. how come you cant do me the same courtesy?

4. not having lights up on my house for christmas. i am certainly not going up on the roof, i am much too dainty for that kind of stuff, and woody is too lazy and apparently doesnt listen to my nagging.

5. parents that teach their kids that 'hate' is a bad word. its not. it is ridiculous to say that it is. i mean, i dont want kids that run around telling someone that they hate them, but i also dont want them to tattle to me about some other kid that says hate either. its okay to hate things anyway.

6. alex trebek. love the show, hate the host.

and as a side note, hustle and flow was on tonight. that movie rocks.


m.wise said...

it hurts my heart just the littlest bit to know that you hate alex trebek.

edluv said...

here are some responses to your points:
1. i dislike when people stop where there are no stop signs, or when i have one and they don't and still stop.
2. like hip hop, alternative music is a very difficult term to pin down. a term formerly used in connection with college rock (think early r.e.m. or b52's, etc) became so overhyped and applied to everything that wasn't pop or metal. so, i really like some alternative music but find many of the so-called alternative stations to be crap.

3. preach it. i'm glad someone wants kids. and if they do, sweet. if they don't, don't have 'em. to each their own. but, i also don't really want to spend more than an evening with someone's kid.

4. i imagine that woody listens to your nagging and says something like, "shut up, sara. God."

5. some folks call it a sickle, some folks call it a kaiser blade. i call it a sling blade. uhh huh.

6. yeah, i especially dislike his scornful answers when everyone misses it. two things i've heard: a) in an interview with trebek, i read that he used to take all the qualifying test each year to prove to himself that he really does know all this stuff and that he's only stopped keeping up with this in the last few years. b) they do a lot of voice overs for trebek when he's not on camera, like when they're showing all the contestants answering. so, he may screw up more than we know, but we're only privy to the final product of polished, annoying trebek. suck it trebek. c) in the words of sean connery, "i'll take jap anus relations for 500 trebek."

timidvenus said...

mike, hes awful. i might actually have to rethink being friends with you...

edluv said...

you jinxed trebek. he had a heart attack today. not dead, but you made it a close one.

please don't hate me sara. i want to live.

m.wise said...

sara must have dreamed about trebek, thus ushering in his downfall.