Monday, December 31, 2007

small pieces

1. new link in the sidebar. i know her name, but i dont think she wants you to.

2. woody and i were coming home from dinner tonight and we ran over a cat. we pulled over and he went to the door of the house, and they came out and got their cat and went to the emergency vet. it was still alive, and could walk, but was hurt. i cried.

3. interesting site. sometimes.


Bek said...

That is so sad. Did the cat die?

Demirep said...

That was brave of Woody to go to the door. Most people would not have been so compassionate as to even stop, let alone shed tears.

Anonymous said...

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timidvenus said...

i dont know if it died. i assume it did, that it had to be put to death at the vet, but i dont know. i dont want to go ask.