Sunday, December 09, 2007

dream (for adam)

i tend to have very vivid dreams (as im sure i have told some of you) and last night i had one that i remember (for the most part) about adams contest. im not sure why i was around in the dream, watching adam make this small table (like an end table or so, nothing big like a coffee table), but i was, and the drawing above is what i remember. the four quadrants are a medium-color stain, and the grain directions for all four are at right angles to the one it joins to (using dove tails). you cant really see in the photo, but i penciled in the grain direction. the dots in the corners are holes drilled in all the way through the tabletop, with dowels stuck in them sanded flush with the surface and they go through the underside and meet up with this funky piece on the legs (picture to come tonight when i finish it). those are stained dark. the circle in the middle of the table is stained dark, and the details of it are fuzzy, i dont remember if it was one piece, pieced together, or what direction the grain was going. the rectangle is a birds-eye maple inlay.

now, i wont be offended when the piece you design looks nothing like this, but it would make a nice table (or cutting board).

this shows the table from the side. its hard to tell whats going on, but shows the dowels that go from the top through to the wooden pieces underneath.
this next one shows what the dowels are commecting to (and actually stick out of a little (like 1/2inch).
this last one shows a view from the bottom (i didnt bother drawing in the circle or dovetailing as they are too hard) so that you can get an idea of what im trying to depict in the above photos.


Adam said...

Cool, I look forward to the rest of your drawing.

Of course, I can't use it because then I'd have to share the tools with you. =P

timidvenus said...

i think ill make it and enter myself.

Adam said...

Well, if you do, I'd recommend you orient your four quadrants differently. Dovetails work best as end grain to end grain seams rather than end grain to edge grain.

timidvenus said...

what? you lost me at end grain...

Adam said...

Next time you're in town, I'll try to explain it. It's easier to do with a piece of wood around.

I do like the design though. It's nice, especially the structural aspects.