Thursday, December 20, 2007

death certificates

so, one of the things i do at work is file death certificates. not like putting them in files, but get them filed with the county. when someone dies it is my job to contact their doctor (usually when a person dies they are seeing a doctor regularly up until they pass away) and get the persons causes of death. then i enter those causes into their death certificate (its all done electronically, on the internet, not on paper anymore) and submit them back to the doctor for their attestation (either verbally, to a machine, or by signing a paper that is then read by a machine) of those causes. the causes are then sent, by me, to the county for approval and to be made into a real paper death certificate that the next-of-kin uses for various things. sometimes its not quite like this (its the coroner instead of a doctor), but it all very similar. anyway, i was thinking today how interesting it would be to do death certificates for the people that die in the show, house. i mean, there are some strange causes of death out there, and i would like to see what the certificate reads for some of them. actually, up until recently it was acceptable to have the cause 'GOK' on the certificate, which stands for 'god only knows'. very interesting.


Adam said...

Yeah, but I remember flipping through old DCs at my job at a funeral home and they might have an interesting death, but the cause was usually boring.

Dude may have gotten run over by a car, but cause of death was heart failure. Maybe DCs have changed, but they always seemed so sterile and not very detailed.

Of course, I was also driving DCs to doctors' offices and the county coroner to get signatures at the time, so obviously, that facet of my job would be different now.

timidvenus said...

yeah, sometimes the cause is boring, but every once in a while its not. and a lot of the causes on car accident victims dcs that i see are either blunt force trauma or exanguination (bleeding out quickly), neither of which are that interesting.

Adam said...

It was really cool flipping through the really old DCs on file though; wagon accidents and such. I remember flipping through one winter in the 1900's and there was just a crapload of pnuemonia and flu. Bad winter.

Uncle Skip said...

My sick mind reminded me of the folks who have passed from drinking too much water, such that it created a chemical imbalance.
Could the cause of death be desalinization?

Adam said...

I wonder if they wouldn't call it an overdose.