Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas gifts

we went to my parents for christmas eve/christmas morning. we have always opened presents on christmas eve, and this year was no different. it works out well, because woodys family does christmas dinner (well lunch actually, but they call it dinner) and presents afterward.
i got some good presents, and have a couple of cool ones here:

these books were my great grandmas, the one on the left is titled 'beverly of graustark' and is one i have not heard of, let alone read. the one on the right is 'poems of edgar allan poe', which i have read some of, and enjoy.
the above photo is of the copyright for the 'graustark' book, september of 1904. impressive.
this is of the poe book, and the copyright is 1883, and not legible in this photo. anyhoo, pretty cool stuff.