Thursday, December 13, 2007

christmas gifts

we get quite a few catalogs in the mail, and newspaper print things, that the mailperson leaves on our porch because it never fits in the mailbox. anyhoo, i havent picked any of it up in about a month, and tonight i went through it all and have some great gift ideas for those of you that need to get something for someone (i suppose they would need to have my taste).

this is a bracelet, and actually the necklace that matches it is what i really wanted to show here, but there wasnt a good pic of it that i could post. its available through the sundance catalog, and is leather with pearls (i am not sure why i love pearls so much, but i do) and silver. the bracelet is $195, and the necklace 52", single strand that can be tripled when worn) is $225. now, that seems like a lot of money, and it is, but its soooooooooooooo pretty.

this next one is cool, but a bit cheesy. they are ballpoint pens from red envelope that are made from salvaged wood that used to be seats and various baseball stadiums. they dont offer candlestick park though, and i think they should (there are other companies that offer these pens and they probably have them) and they run from $170 - $250 depending on the park.

the next thing i dont have a picture of, and you need to see it to appreciate it, so click here. they are wine glasses, and apparently are on backorder till feb. but the company, uncommon goods, that offers them has some cool stuff.

thats really it, three things, and remember, qvc is on 24 hours for your shopping convenience as well.


Adam said...

They lost all the seats in an earthquake. =P

And yeah, uncommon goods has some really cool stuff.