Thursday, November 15, 2007

were jims parents first cousins who were also bad at ping pong?

i was thinking about doing a few different posts, but decided to post just once, with different subjects:
1. i have a friend with this cool shirt that he claims to have purchased at urban outfitters (when i dont know, but a while ago since i have seen him in it a few times over who knows how many months). anyhoo, it is my favorite shirt ever, and i want one. i actually want one so badly that i have been thinking about how i could make one myself. then i remembered about cafe press. sure enough, i typed in 'recycle' and selected the womens shirt option and i found a lot of cool tees. actually, i think i might go for a large childs t so that i wont be cut all girl-shaped and still fit cute.

2. when i was younger, like 10 or 12, i had a good friend whose house i went to a lot. she had a large family and i stayed the night on weekends because they went to the same church as us so i could just go with them. well, their dad used to make this dinner called baked macaroni that was amazing. i made it the other day and have been eating it for a couple of days now. cook some pasta elbows (like a box) and add chopped up canned stewed tomatoes, mix and put in a bake-able container. add cheese (i use colby jack) and bake at 375 for 15 min.

3. i love the ipod commercial with the 'music is my hot, hot sex' song. the band is from brazil. i think i'll buy it.

4. the post title was a funny line from tonights office episode.


Bek said...

I remeber him making baked Macaroni...yum...I will have to make it soon!

Carrie said...

I bought that single and like it too. It's funny because the other day my gmail tag line was "coffee is my boyfriend", and then later I changed it to "advil is my boyfriend", and one of my friends changed hers to "music is my boyfriend". Maybe she had already heard the song, but I hadn't. So it was funny to hear it on TV and think they stole my idea for inanimate boyfriends.

edluv said...

that was a great episode of the office. so awkward at points, and so funny at others. and i love the explanation of smack talk vs trash talk.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Ughh. I don't know what my problem is, but I just can't stand the Office. I know this is blasphemous because all of you love it, but I have actually tried to watch it, and can't. Anybody else not loving this show? Just not my cup of tea.

Oh, and Sara, if you ever visit, a southern staple is homemade macaroni. Lots of kinds of cheese, but not tomatoes. I would have never guessed it could be so good. (and fattening!)

timidvenus said...

yeah, i am not the biggest fan of the office, but it has a few gems here and there

m.wise said...

i think your friend bought that shirt for st. patricks day.