Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the real hip hop is

not here:

now, i was in the car today, on my way to lunch and i forgot my ipod at work. the thing that sucks about having an ipod is that i use it all the time and miss whats out on the radio. well, today i was listening to the r&b/hip-hop station that i like when this song came on. i was confused. what station is this? well, it was the right one, but i couldnt figure out why a song that sounded this way was on my hip-hop station. from what i can tell it was remade by timbaland and thats why its on my station. anyway, i dont know who onerepublic is, according to itunes they are classified as rock (whatever that means) and dont have anything i have ever heard before. anyhoo, i think ill buy the song.

also, this post title is in honor of ed.


edluv said...

that's exactly what i expect to be on a "hip hop" station. crap that is nothing like hip hop.

timidvenus said...

your comment couldnt have been timed better.