Wednesday, November 28, 2007


so tonight i was out with some girls for a bit and was talking about music. i started chatting with a gal about liking rap/hip-hop, and she was saying that she liked some hip-hop but didnt like rap. really, this is probably a question for ed, but the rest of you can comment if you like, but i thought hip-hop was like a true, more soulful rap, but rap in essence. she, on the other hand was under the impression (and from what she said so was a music store employee) that hip-hop was lighter (what she described seemed to be what i imagine to be r&b). now, i have no problem being wrong (other than the fact that i have said hip-hop was my favorite thinking that it was rap for some time now), but i would like to be enlightened.

and, i might not be remembering our conversation totally right, but thats the gist (is that how its spelled?) of it.

also, this is what i got from the wiki rapping page: ""Rap" redirects here. For the genre, see Hip hop music."


Adam said...

Yeah, you spelled gist right.

I've always lumped rap and hip-hop together; figured that one was a sub-category of the other or something like that. Rhythm and Blues would be totally different in my mind. I'm on your side.

timidvenus said...

well thanks, adam. and to be honest theyre all so jumbled anymore im not sure some of the artists themselves have defined genres of style.

edluv said...

hip hop generally refers to the overall culture, the movement. it includes break dancing, beat boxing, dj'ing, graffiti, and rapping.

hip hop and rap are also both used, somewhat interchangeably, to describe a type of music. jurassic 5 has a great song that talks about rap vs hip hop called world of entertainment, which i think break downs a lot of the distinction between commercial rap and hip hop. here's a quote i lifted, "You see a rapper is a kid that brags and acts big
A rhymer is a nigga that can handle his biz
Yo, A rapper is a kid that's tryin' to be the shit
An entertainer ain't tryin' cause he already is"

to me, hip hop is art. it's life. rap, for most parts, is commercial. rap becomes synonymous with the stuff mtv's trying to force you to think is hip hop. i realize this is a bit of an elitist view. but, it's not all about selling out. it's about what you're doing. i mean, cartoons are good, and some may be considered art, but really they're not considered art. hip hop is picasso. rap is bill keane's family circus. or, maybe better, thomas kinkade. marketable bullshit.

in my opinion, you're more right compared to the other girl, but i'd still say you're both a bit wrong on the difference between the two. it's hard to know exactly what the other girl is talking about from the description, but the difference has nothing to do w/hard or soft.

and, i'd say the wiki on hip hop isn't a bad start on the culture of hip hop. another good source is the movie scratch (which i own and you can borrow). woody has seen it.

krs one is also a great resource, whether it's listening to his songs dissin clowns like nelly for being puppets, or his website, temple of hip hop.

timidvenus said...

wow ed. i knew i could count on you.

now i feel like i know what it means, but i shouldnt say its my music of choice because im not that artsy. i mean, i like soulja boy for heaven's sake.

Carrie said...

Jeez, and I was totally thinking the other girl was right. I thought "rap" was the word that describes the act of rhyming to a beat or in a rhythmatic way - a definition of a method. And hip hop would encompass rap with all the culture and affiliations (and thus include the pop groups that call themselves hiphop but are just pushers of reproduced sampled old songs with some [weak] rapping thrown in.) I'd think you'd say both Nelly and Nas are rappers and rap, though you might argue about who was more authentically "hip hop" or had more poetic/profound/original verses. Am I totally wrong and backwards?