Thursday, November 29, 2007

cafe press

i am going to put in an order with cafe press today or tomorrow for a few christmas presents. i wanted to post some pics of recycling shirts for you all to see, as i will order one for myself, but they arent able to be saved and all, so ill describe them for you: one has a recycle symbol and reads 'recycling not foreplay, but still very important'. the next one also has the symbol and reads 'recyclers do it over and over and over...'. and the one i think ill buy is just a white shirt with a recycle symbol. anyhoo, thats that.


m.wise said...

if you don't like the one that you end up buying i can put mine in the dryer on high a few times and send it to you. then it'd be true to its symbol.

timidvenus said...

well mike, thats very true, and very kind, but i want my own. actually i thought about stealing it, but unless you keep it at your po box i wouldnt know where to find it.