Thursday, November 29, 2007

weekend un-plans

i was going to suggest that people come visit this weekend, but woody has servi ces friday and saturday. bummer.

cafe press

i am going to put in an order with cafe press today or tomorrow for a few christmas presents. i wanted to post some pics of recycling shirts for you all to see, as i will order one for myself, but they arent able to be saved and all, so ill describe them for you: one has a recycle symbol and reads 'recycling not foreplay, but still very important'. the next one also has the symbol and reads 'recyclers do it over and over and over...'. and the one i think ill buy is just a white shirt with a recycle symbol. anyhoo, thats that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


so tonight i was out with some girls for a bit and was talking about music. i started chatting with a gal about liking rap/hip-hop, and she was saying that she liked some hip-hop but didnt like rap. really, this is probably a question for ed, but the rest of you can comment if you like, but i thought hip-hop was like a true, more soulful rap, but rap in essence. she, on the other hand was under the impression (and from what she said so was a music store employee) that hip-hop was lighter (what she described seemed to be what i imagine to be r&b). now, i have no problem being wrong (other than the fact that i have said hip-hop was my favorite thinking that it was rap for some time now), but i would like to be enlightened.

and, i might not be remembering our conversation totally right, but thats the gist (is that how its spelled?) of it.

also, this is what i got from the wiki rapping page: ""Rap" redirects here. For the genre, see Hip hop music."

the real hip hop is

not here:

now, i was in the car today, on my way to lunch and i forgot my ipod at work. the thing that sucks about having an ipod is that i use it all the time and miss whats out on the radio. well, today i was listening to the r&b/hip-hop station that i like when this song came on. i was confused. what station is this? well, it was the right one, but i couldnt figure out why a song that sounded this way was on my hip-hop station. from what i can tell it was remade by timbaland and thats why its on my station. anyway, i dont know who onerepublic is, according to itunes they are classified as rock (whatever that means) and dont have anything i have ever heard before. anyhoo, i think ill buy the song.

also, this post title is in honor of ed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i am wearing fake eyelashes today. ive had some in my make-up drawer forever, and never use them, so i thought i would today.

it turns out that you can now get eyelash extensions, like those for your hair, glued on. you have to go for touch-ups every couple of months, but woodys aunt does them at her salon and i guess theyre really popular. doubt id ever do it (too expensive and time-consuming), but strange and interesting.

UPDATE: that pic is hard to see. heres a better one:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

soup and holidays

its weird how turkey is not very good on its own, but in soup its great (my mom made some and sent it home with me and it rocks). the same can be said for peas and split pea soup and tomatoes and tomato soup (or tomatoes in soup even). im sure there are other things like that, but for some things making them into a soup doesnt help (like mushrooms and celery).

nows the time to let me know what religion you require for your holiday card. i dont like 'happy holidays' and plan on ordering christmas cards with georgias picture on them, but also have ordered some hannukah cards as well. just leave a comment with the one that applies to you (for you athiest/agnostics, i am not really sure what to do, so i might send you one of each unless that will just annoy you, let me know).

Sunday, November 18, 2007


if all goes according to plan (which isnt very often), we will be in town wednesday and thursday. what are the fresno plans for those nights??

Thursday, November 15, 2007

were jims parents first cousins who were also bad at ping pong?

i was thinking about doing a few different posts, but decided to post just once, with different subjects:
1. i have a friend with this cool shirt that he claims to have purchased at urban outfitters (when i dont know, but a while ago since i have seen him in it a few times over who knows how many months). anyhoo, it is my favorite shirt ever, and i want one. i actually want one so badly that i have been thinking about how i could make one myself. then i remembered about cafe press. sure enough, i typed in 'recycle' and selected the womens shirt option and i found a lot of cool tees. actually, i think i might go for a large childs t so that i wont be cut all girl-shaped and still fit cute.

2. when i was younger, like 10 or 12, i had a good friend whose house i went to a lot. she had a large family and i stayed the night on weekends because they went to the same church as us so i could just go with them. well, their dad used to make this dinner called baked macaroni that was amazing. i made it the other day and have been eating it for a couple of days now. cook some pasta elbows (like a box) and add chopped up canned stewed tomatoes, mix and put in a bake-able container. add cheese (i use colby jack) and bake at 375 for 15 min.

3. i love the ipod commercial with the 'music is my hot, hot sex' song. the band is from brazil. i think i'll buy it.

4. the post title was a funny line from tonights office episode.

Monday, November 12, 2007

if i had a blog, this would be a really big day for me

actually, thats not true, but its a line from chuck, the train wreck of a show that we cant seem to stop watching. it looked like it was going to be pretty good, but it isnt. anyhoo, the episode that we are watching now has rachel bilson who weve been missing since a truly great show ended.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

a new ring (and not from qvc)

our good friends, luis and rocio, along with their daughter, gemma, came to visit on wednesday night. they moved back to los angeles and it was nice to see them. they brought some gifts for georgia (its her birthday) and they also brought me a gift that rocio made. she makes jewelry and, if you ask me, shes pretty good at it.
ring viewed from the side. its silver and has a brushed finish.
here it is on me.
and again.