Monday, October 22, 2007

things i was going to post about

well, as you might have noticed, i havent posted here in a while. almost every day on my way home from work i think about what i am going to post about after georgia goes to sleep, and then am too tired, busy, or both when that time comes. so, here are the things i was going to post about, and although it doesnt make up for the lack of posting, i hope it helps.

1. georgia is walking now. for those of you that read her blog or talk to either woody or myself you already know. but its pretty exciting. shes actually not too good at it, and even worse when she has shoes on, but i assume she will get better at it with time.

2. more georgia stuff. she had been sleeping in our room in a playpen since birth, and a lot of that time was spent sleeping in our bed between us. at about 3 months old she began consistantly sleeping through the night, until about 7 months of age when she would wake up to nurse. well, i am much too lazy to start waking up again in the middle of the night, so would pick her up and put her into our bed and she would nurse to sleep while i slept. now, this was a just fine solution, but with working a lot again i was needing my sleep, and i cant sleep as soundly with her nursing all night. i knew that she was not actually hungry at night, and figured that the problem was that she didnt know how to put herself to sleep since she had always been nursed to sleep. the thing that sucks though is that in order to get her to be able to fall asleep on her own i was going to have to let her pretty much cry herself to sleep in her crib (we decided that we might as well have her start sleeping in her own room while we were at it). i talked to my mom who had to do the same thing when my sisters and i were little, and my neighbor who did the same thing with all three of her kids, and got ready for a night of crying. the evening we decided to do the cry it out was a sunday, and woody had to embalm until 10 pm or so, and i was determined not to put it off until the next night, so i nursed georgia and went to put her down in her crib. well, she fussed for about 5 minutes and then realized that i wasnt coming to get her, and started in on the hard crying. i let her do that for a few minutes and went in to lay her back down and tell her i loved her (i was told to go in avery 5 min or so to reassure her that i hadnt left her). well, after 20 minutes she was done, and i didint go in after that. well, woody came home and went in to see her and she was asleep, standing up, in her crib. so he lay her back down. shes been sleeping through the night ever since.

3. i went and had my hair professionally cut and colored

looks good, huh?

4. we are leaving for new york on wednesday. why new york you say? well, my roomate from college, sam, is getting married on friday and i am a bridesmaid. its going to be at the canfield casino in saratoga springs and is supposed to be very cold. my mom is going too, which will be very helpful, as i will need to be doing wedding things that require a sitter for georgia. on our way back from ny we will be staying with jay and becky in colorado for a bit. very excited about that.

5. last night we went to bj's for dinner with our friends, dana and julie. it took forever. we were told the wait would be 35 min and it took 50 for us to be seated, and then it took 45 min for our appitizer to get to us and another 15 min to get our meals. unacceptable. so, we (i) talked to the manager, i was very kind actually, and we got our food for free. he even told us to order dessert (which was why we went there. if you have never had a pizookie you should). so we did, all for free.


jennyo said...

Your hair looks great!

Adam said...

Thanks for the update. My right index fingernail is still shinier than the rest. You're a good buffer.

Bekah said...

Your hair looks so good!!!!

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Have fun on your trip!