Thursday, September 27, 2007

expedia sucks

so, as some of you know, i am in a wedding in saratoga springs, ny in the end of october. i booked the flight months ago with expedia to fly into newark airport (a 3.5 hour drive from the destination, but a good airport). we were going to land in nj at around 6 pm on a wednesday evening (3 pm california time, so we would be fine for the drive after that). the wedding is on a friday, so that would give us the full day thurs to hang out and go to the rehearsal dinner and all. i get an email from expedia letting me know about some schedule changes, which is fine, but then they hit me with a change that puts us into nj at 11pm instead of 6pm, which does not work for us at all. so, i call them and they politely tell me that im sol but that they will credit me $100 towards my next trip. at this point i was not mad, so i thanked the person and hung up.

well, the more i thought about it the more i thought that i had been wronged. i spent almost $1300 on our two tickets (well, for the round trip) and i wanted my flight back. so, i called again and was a little mad this time. they told me that i could not have a refund, but that i could switch flights for $100 per ticket and the difference of the new flight and thast i had to book with the same airline (american airlines). i would have to mail in the paper tickets first, and wait until they emailed me and then switch. whatever.

so, i decided i would call the airline directly. they told me that since an alternate flight had been set that i couldnt get a refund. then i was totally angry and said that it was not an alternate to me, the consumer. an alternate would not be getting me to my destination at an ungodly hour (which 11pm is when an infant is involved), but getting us there at around the same time ad the original flight, but maybe taking a different route. i sounded pissed too, and actually told the operator that i was sorry that she was getting the brunt of my anger when i knew it wasnt her fault (i always feel bad about that sort of thing). well, she checked with her supervisor and they said since it was a change of more than 90 minutes that i could switch flights.

so now i am sending my tickets to them and getting a direct flight that will arrive at arouns 6pm nj time. what a pisser. all that mess just to get there when we would have originally.


Adam said...

That sucks!

Kudos for sticking to your guns though. Dealing with airlines is tough stuff.

edluv said...

i wonder why you got switched initially? it's too bad that the expedia/airline folks involved won't be on the flight. then you could punish them with 3 hours of baby crying.

m.wise said...

i'm glad you guys were able to hang out with us on saturday. it was fun.
and ed, i don't think that georgia would cry for 3 hours.

m.wise said...

you need to update georgia's stats on her blog