Thursday, August 30, 2007

dumb doper

most of you know ive been back at work. well, the office im at is in wasco, and every day i drive by this house on my way in (its not too far from the office, actually). there is always random things outside, old gas pumps, signs, car parts, etc., and lately there have been some handmade signs about dopers. there was a noose put up a couple of months ago with a wooden plaque on it that reads 'dopers' (see second photo) and a sign that read something like 'save a family, save a baby, save a grandma. string up a doper.' anyway, this week that one was gone and this one was in its place:

its kind of hard to read, but goes as follows:

you may be a dumb doper if

1 you have no teeth

2. you have no money

3. baby's in microwave

4. sold wic cheese

5. looking for job

6. no diploma

7. waiting for mothers day (i thought that couldnt be it, but i checked and sure enough, thats what it says)

8. slapped grandma

9. stole mom's purse

10. still riding a bike

11. set girlfriend on fire

and the noose is still up, thank heavens.


Monticore said...

I'm not trying to promote "dope" use but why are these people targeting only "dope"?

What about crack heads, tweakers, drunks, bitches, hoes and stupid people?

Just wondering why they are focused on "dopers".

dana said...

It that noose made of hemp rope?

Adam said...

Wow, at least the noose is for dopers. I wouldn't be surprised down there if it was for a different group of people.

edluv said...

i wonder if they are using "dope" in reference to meth. because that list sounds a whole lot more like those users than users of the mary mary.

but, i guess that i've heard dope used in reference to heroin. and, here they also say meth depending on region.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wasco! Remind us when you come out here to take you to see Bishop's Castle, there isn't a noose but the rantings are similar.

edluv said...

not all of these are indicators of being a doper. i guess if you're all of them, well, okay.

but, say you don't have money (2), you're probably looking for a job (5). and, you may be still riding a bike (10) because of those previous things, or maybe you care about the environment. maybe your lack of job = lack of dental insurance, or perhaps you crashed your bike and that's why you have no teeth (1). or maybe you're english.

but, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11 are pretty bad.

and 7 is just confusing. simply confusing. maybe if you make a sign like this you're a doper.

timidvenus said...

yeah, im just waiting for the next bit of brilliance.