Wednesday, July 18, 2007

old school hearse

last tuesday i was making funeral arrangements with a family and they said that they would like a horse-drawn hearse to take the casket from the church to the cemetery. i told tham that i had never seen one in use before, but that i would check around (they had seen one at a funeral in bakersfield, so i knew i could find out something). well, i called a funeral home in bakersfield where a friend of ours works and sure enough, they gave me the name of the funeral home in tehachapi where such a coach exsisted. i called them and set it up for the service, and they brought by these pictures. the top one shows the hearse, it is an 1891 model, restored, and here you can see the glass windows and everything. the bottom picture shows what the horses (blonde belgians) look like from the front. anyway, the service was monday morning and it was all very neat. just thought id share!


Adam said...

That is neat!

edluv said...

that top one is bad ass

JD said...

That's a mighty big & splattered wet spot behind horse number 1... But the hearse is cool. Very Adams Family.