Sunday, June 10, 2007

if you dont mind...please help

well, if everything went right, we are up!

amber and i would really appreciate feedback on it. now, we do not know a lot about web site publishing, so use small words and speak s-l-o-w-l-y. also, it doesnt work in firefox (dont know why).

anyhoo, thanks for the help.


The Jay said...

I like the straight-forwardness of the website. I like the colors, they're really classy and fun.

But the overlapping squares seemed a bit odd.

In my mind the cursive script, rounded buttons and curls in the background speak more to the ... uh, feminine target of your business, while the squares-- I just don't know what they add, but they're kinda distracting. I saw circles done that way somewhere else on the website and I thought it was better.

All the links I tried work, and I like the pictures along the bottom.

You ladies look so cute in your matching dresses!

Carrie said...

Hi Sar,

I liked the look of the site too. I think the squares make it look a little less polished than it could. My only other suggestion would be to fine-tune all of the verbiage/grammar. Better written text looks much more professional (I'd also replace the "&"s with "and", unless it is in a formal title or subheading)

Otherwise, it's super easy to navigate and find the information you are looking for, which should always be a site's biggest concern. Yay, good job!

Ann Thrope said...

It looks really good Sara!

If I wasn't so busy inciting my engaged friends to throw off the jackboot of the patriarchy I would totally tell them to use your service (I kid, I kid.)

Seriously though, looking through the FAQ etc., I was very impressed with what I was reading. It took me a couple minutes to put my finger on exactly what I found so appealing but then it hit me that your wording is very inclusive of the groom in planning activities (i.e., using the word "couple" instead of "bride")

Not a big fan of the plaid-ish pattern though but a very user friendly website =)

edluv said...

you're right, it doesn't work in firefox.

Adam said...

Yes, I concur with Ed. It does not.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work in Safari either. the home page comes up but the pictures aren't clear and I can't access links. Too bad the Mac users cant use it.
=( (with a tear)

Adam said...

Ok, so I've had some time to peruse at work. The only thing catching my eye is the line of ellipses across the top of your home page.

Professionally Planning Your Perfect Event................................................................Serving the California Central Valley

I personally would prefer blank space between, but other than that, looks good.

Anonymous said...

hopefully you are close to having a picture in the contact page. The "picture pending" reminds me of a high school yearbook...and (without good reason) I usually didn't want to hang out with the kids who didn't take a class picture.

Anonymous said...

wow. looked @ it @ work. really like the design of the page. tons of helpful info, easy to navigate, good stuff.

really nicely done. but, like mike said, you need to hook up the photo.


Uncle Skip said...

I've been busy and haven't had a chance to "lurk" lately.
I will have to concur that the photo should be in place... or leave it as white space until such time as you place your picture.