Sunday, June 17, 2007

a few links

well, ive been doing some reading on web stuff. its just hopeless. actually, i might someday have the knoweledge to get plannedperfection usable in other browsers. i use firefox so it sucks having to open another browser to view our site. we really appreciate your input guys, it helps a lot.

a few things:
my dad is posting again. not sure how long it will last, but heres a link to a post showing the high chair for georgia hes working on. it was his as a child, but was missing a tray.

adam had a link the other day to this site. i think i am going to add it permanently to my sidebar, as well as this one, that is even funnier because we used to have a receptionist that "overused" them all the "time".

here is a site that i go to a lot as well, one of woodys favorites.

anyhoo, i start work again tomorrow. cant decide of thats good or sucky, but hopefully it will take a bit of stress off of woody.