Tuesday, June 19, 2007

kids these days

i was in line for coffee this morning and i saw this girl. tank top, shorts, sunglasses, and socks up to her knees. what is that about? she looked like an idiot. is the socks-to-the-knees the new thing? are all of the abercrombie kids wearing them? also, she got out of her car at the drive-up window. she was in a fairly new bmw, so i doubt the window isnt working, i figure she parked too far away from the window to reach her drink, but whatever. she bugs me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

a few links

well, ive been doing some reading on web stuff. its just hopeless. actually, i might someday have the knoweledge to get plannedperfection usable in other browsers. i use firefox so it sucks having to open another browser to view our site. we really appreciate your input guys, it helps a lot.

a few things:
my dad is posting again. not sure how long it will last, but heres a link to a post showing the high chair for georgia hes working on. it was his as a child, but was missing a tray.

adam had a link the other day to this site. i think i am going to add it permanently to my sidebar, as well as this one, that is even funnier because we used to have a receptionist that "overused" them all the "time".

here is a site that i go to a lot as well, one of woodys favorites.

anyhoo, i start work again tomorrow. cant decide of thats good or sucky, but hopefully it will take a bit of stress off of woody.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

if you dont mind...please help

well, if everything went right, we are up!

amber and i would really appreciate feedback on it. now, we do not know a lot about web site publishing, so use small words and speak s-l-o-w-l-y. also, it doesnt work in firefox (dont know why).

anyhoo, thanks for the help.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

planned perfection

sorry for the lull in posting. here is what ive been working on:
my friend, amber, and i are going into business together. she and i met through the funeral industry, she is a rep for a funeral insurance company and weve been friends for a while now. we decided that we would like to try event planning, and have been working quite hard on the start-up. our company is called planned perfection (see the logo i designed) and we are serving the central valley (she lives in visalia, but was raised in fresno, so we have at least a vague grasp on the main valley venues/vendors). working in the funeral industry we have experience in churches, florists, caterers, limo companies, cemeteries (wait a minute...), etc. so we feel like it will be okay switching to events. we have our business cards already, and are working on these things currently:
- website. jd is helping us out here, we have www.plannedperfection.net and as of right now it is a random microsoft publisher mess. i am working on a frontpage rendition of our site, and am hoping that in the next month it will be ready. as soon as i get it where i think its ready, i will ask you all to give me feedback on it (you can give me ideas now if you want). i even have an official email address: sara@plannedperfection.net. hopefully the people that have our website address wont be too turned off by its apperance right now...
-worksheets for venues/vendors. we are setting up appointments with clergy, churches, reception venues, florists, bakeries, etc and have questionaires for them asking what sort of things they offer, info they need for events, etc. so that we have that on hand (we do the same thing at the mortuaries).
- workbook for events. this way we have something to fill out when we meet with the person/company hiring us about what they want for their special party.
-other stuff that i cant think of right now.

ive really been stressing about the website. i love looking online for stuff. i hate sites that arent user friendly. i dont know as much html as i want to. just need to get 'er done.