Friday, May 04, 2007

yay, vacation.

so, i guess georgia is allergic to avocados.

ive been getting ready to go to the beach all day (we were supposed to leave yesterday but got busy at work and it is now 345 on friday and we still are here) and went to work at 1130 to get a few things done and georgia had a vomit attack. her last attack was the night she had avocado for an evening meal, she woke up puking for a couple of hours. so, i gave her avocado this morning and it happened again. she used to eat it without a problem, but now i guess thats it for that.

so, shes been fine for the past couple of hours, but now im in a bad mood and im also annoyed at all the junk i have to pack for 2 days at the beach (which should have been 4 days, but woodys folks claimed monday and tuesday just the other day) with a baby.


edluv said...

how uncouth of them to snag some of your time. they've got all the rest of it!

timidvenus said...

lol. we were so bored the whole time that we were glad to leave. its such a different way to vacation. not quite do-it-yourself roughing it like camping, but way less pampered than hotel life. i mean you make your own bed, do your own dishes, etc. and youre crammed into a little shoebox of a place. we decided that its not for us.

Adam said...

Good for you. Campers and RVs are no good.