Sunday, May 06, 2007

something else to buy me

those of you that are not familiar with qvc do not know what a todays special value (tsv) is. well, it is an item that they choose to sell for 24 hours at a lower-than-normal price for that day only, unless it sells out. well, being on the west coast, the tsv airs at 9pm (midnight eastern), so i get to see it before i go to bed. well, the tsv for today (tomorrow, monday, really) is a necklace by jewelry designer michael dawkins. i dont really care about it either way, but he has a bracelet that i would give my eye teeth for, but its $70. so, if anyone wants to see if woody has already bought me a mothers day present (i keep impressing upon him how important it is to me to be given something), you can. if he hasnt, give him my blog address and he can have a good idea for a gift. or, if anyone wants to just buy me something, that would be a great gift.

i know, really dorky that i watch qvc, but what else am i going to do all day??


edluv said...

what are "eye teeth?"

timidvenus said...

they are the same as canine teeth.

edluv said...

weird. can't say i've ever heard that reference.

Aufgeffalen said...

I'm beginning to worry about this QVC obsession.

Do you buy stuff from SkyMall as well?

timidvenus said...

never. but i think thats because i dont fly much.