Thursday, April 12, 2007

work website and a diaper rant

well, we've been working more on our work website and i encourage all of you to check it out. mostly we just do the obituaries and guestbooks (please dont sign the guestbooks unless you knew the deceased), but there is also other info on it as well. its pretty simple.

rant: i am so tired of people that smugly ask me how the cloth diapers are going and if i have given up yet and gone to disposables since theyre so much easier. first i would like to know how they are easier? is it easier for people to pay a lot of money? that cant be it. is it easier because disposables turn stinky baby poop into a flower garden? i know thats not it. is it easier on the environment? hmm, i definately know thats not it. so really, they think that an extra load of laundry every 3 or 4 days is back-breaking work i suppose. well, its not. actually, id rather do the load of laundry then haul a garbage bag full of poop diapers out to the trash. but whatever. and one person that asked about my diapering actually responded with 'i dont care about future generations. im the important one here', when i told him that its better for the earth to use cloth (really what does he care, his kids are all in college). what a jackhole.


Adam said...

So Sara, how those cloth diapers working out? Ready to give 'em up and switch to the disposables? I'll bet you're tired of all that extra work.

Poop is gross!

timidvenus said...

i can always count on you, adam.

Adam said...

It's what I do best. =)

I commend your use of cloth diapers, even if I do think poop is gross. Wait, let me reiterate.

Poop is gross!

RH said...

Two things: Nobody says "jackhole" enough these days and I think it's great that you are using cloth diapers.

The Jay said...

Good for you, Sara. Did you get that video I sent you? I thought you'd like it.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I'm just intrigued about that little thing you installed next to your toilet to flush down the baby yuck. When you have the Jackhole over to your house (not that you would) you should tell him that you know use that device instead of toilet paper. Then make sure he drinks lots of beer.

Seriously though, the only thing that I think I couldn't handle with the cloth diapers is the traveling and being out of the house. I have to hand it to you to keep those things in a baggie and taking them home to clean.

timidvenus said...

yeah the traveling can get tricky, my mom keeps a box of 'sposies (thats cloth talk for 'disposables') at her house , but i have a handy bag that i put used diapers in that also goes into the wash, so its not too gross.

and lately (so as not to say ass in front of the baby) ive been using jackhole much more frequently.

jay- have not watched the clip yet, but did get it.

Uncle Skip said...

Yeah, I'd watch that use of the word A**. Remind me to tell you a funny story next time we see you.

I think that the only possible argument in favor of disposable diapers is their convenience and even that is only relative. Since I don't have to concern myself one way or another and I am concerned about the environment, cloth is the way to go.