Friday, April 20, 2007

todays fun

aftermath of dinner. dana and julie came over for dinner and we had steaks (well, they and woody had steaks), artichokes (yummy!), garlic bread, potatoes, and salad. it was all very tasty, and i made some banana bread for later, also pretty good. little g-unit had a good time, hangin with her mom on the floor after dinner. so cute.

here is my before picture. i am going to try to loose weight. well see how it goes, im counting points.
woody has been practicing his spinning all night for tomorrows show (sorry i got the date wrong on my previous post). hes got a great song called pop the glock by uffie. i would link to it there, but my computer is messing up. go to my myspace and you can hear the song.


julie said...

thanks for having us over. we had a great time!