Friday, April 20, 2007

so pissed.

well, my car was broken into last night. they took my ipod (SOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD) and some cash. also, they either sat in the car and smoked a while or they left cigarette butts that i have yet to find, it smells awful. everything from the diaper bag was emptied and thrown around the car, as well as a coin purse. whatever. im so mad i can hardly think.


Adam said...

That sucks, a lot. If you want to start a collection for a new iPod (does insurance cover what was in the car?), I'll chip in.

timidvenus said...

adam, youre the best. im waiting to hear back from my insurance gal for the answer to that question.

edluv said...

it probably doesn't. that would be under your homeowners. seriously. when we had stuff not attached to our car stolen our insurance said it would be under our renters. and, it's not like they were passing the buck, it's the same people.