Monday, April 30, 2007

making baby food

i posted this on georgias page, but am really proud of how well it went, so you get it too.

i decided that this weekend i would make baby food. i have a book that ive mentioned in a previous post that is all about making ones own baby food. i went to the store yesterday to buy the foods i was going to prepare: carrots, mango, sweet potato, banana, avocado, brown rice and pearled barley. well, my total came to $5.59. can you believe?? all that food for 6 bucks.
anyhoo, i made some yesterday and some today, here are the pictures:

mango puree. i have this mini food processor that i thought might work (last night i used a blender, this is easier to clean), and it did, quite well. this is 2 mangos here, and they were juicy enough that i didnt need to add any water.
here is the mango puree in an ice cube tray, to be frozen for later eating.
this shows the foods i made yesterday: white sweet potato (as opposed to the orange variety), carrots, and banana. they were in the freezer overnight and are now fully frozen.
sweet potato food cubes, frozen and transfered to a freezer baggie, labeled with the date made and expiration date (according to the book i have). now i can take out the food cubes i need for that day (or the next) and use them.
here is barley porriage i made today. grind up pearled barley and cook on the stovetop for 10 min with water, then put servings in bowls and refridgerate or freeze. very simple. add water when reheating to desired consistancy.

also, just for comparison, a small jar of organic baby food is like 75 cents.


Vanessa said...

thanks so much for the pics you sent!! it was great to look at them and i will treasure them :) love the new glasses as well!

timidvenus said...

youre welcome vanessa, i thought youd like them. hope things are good in beautiful british columbia!

The Jay said...

Never before has baby food looked so cool. It looks like you're making lots of sushi, but NO! it's baby food.

Hm. Maybe babies aren't so awful.

Good idea, good execution. Sara, you're quite a layday!