Tuesday, April 10, 2007

church of christ, scientist

woody, the beby, the dog and i have been taking walks in the evening (either before or after jeopardy, depending on the temperature) around the neighborhood. sometimes it amazes me that there is so much in the 'hood that i just pass by, not paying attention. well, tonight we were on our walk tonight and we walked passed a church of christ, scientist, just down the way from our house (18th and d st. or so). well, woody asked what they are about, and i had no idea. i walked up the steps to look through the windows and it looked very church-y, seats (not really pews, but comfy chairs), verses painted on the walls, piano, etc. so i decided i would look them up in the wiki when we got home (i was going to blog on the baby's site anyway). once i started reading about the church i remembered learning about them in mortuary school, they were against doctors is all i remember, cant think of what kind of funeral they have. so, thats a little about them, if anyone knows something interesting else about them, let me know.


The Jay said...

I wonder what they're about too. I'll look into it too.

RH said...

Being against doctors seems as if you would have to learn a lot about them in mortuary school. =)

timidvenus said...

yeah, i remember learning that they wouldnt have a doctor to sign the death certificate since they didnt see one so they would fall into the coroners jurisdiction, but for some reason i am thinking that they dont want an autopsy...hmmm ill have to look up my notes.