Monday, April 30, 2007

making baby food

i posted this on georgias page, but am really proud of how well it went, so you get it too.

i decided that this weekend i would make baby food. i have a book that ive mentioned in a previous post that is all about making ones own baby food. i went to the store yesterday to buy the foods i was going to prepare: carrots, mango, sweet potato, banana, avocado, brown rice and pearled barley. well, my total came to $5.59. can you believe?? all that food for 6 bucks.
anyhoo, i made some yesterday and some today, here are the pictures:

mango puree. i have this mini food processor that i thought might work (last night i used a blender, this is easier to clean), and it did, quite well. this is 2 mangos here, and they were juicy enough that i didnt need to add any water.
here is the mango puree in an ice cube tray, to be frozen for later eating.
this shows the foods i made yesterday: white sweet potato (as opposed to the orange variety), carrots, and banana. they were in the freezer overnight and are now fully frozen.
sweet potato food cubes, frozen and transfered to a freezer baggie, labeled with the date made and expiration date (according to the book i have). now i can take out the food cubes i need for that day (or the next) and use them.
here is barley porriage i made today. grind up pearled barley and cook on the stovetop for 10 min with water, then put servings in bowls and refridgerate or freeze. very simple. add water when reheating to desired consistancy.

also, just for comparison, a small jar of organic baby food is like 75 cents.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

my glasses came in!

pay no attention to the messy hair. just look at the cute glasses

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

firefox and land lines

i was having a lot of trouble with my internet and thought it would be worth a shot to try firefox. it seems to be working great, gmail loads, blogger works, its all dandy. also, the browser has a latest headlines tab where i found this interesting article. its about astronomers finding another earth.

also, the bees are dying, so woody and i are thinking about getting a land-line phone. hopefully i can find a plan that will include all of california at least, so that i can call fresno and san jose without thinking 'if i was using my cell this would be free' all the time, and when we do get the phone i will ask that people try us at home first if you want to call. but who knows, maybe its not the cell phones killing the bees... i wonder if texting is okay...

Monday, April 23, 2007

mystery man

can anyone tell me who this guy is? the one on the left. i got this picture from my neighbors the other day.

Friday, April 20, 2007

todays fun

aftermath of dinner. dana and julie came over for dinner and we had steaks (well, they and woody had steaks), artichokes (yummy!), garlic bread, potatoes, and salad. it was all very tasty, and i made some banana bread for later, also pretty good. little g-unit had a good time, hangin with her mom on the floor after dinner. so cute.

here is my before picture. i am going to try to loose weight. well see how it goes, im counting points.
woody has been practicing his spinning all night for tomorrows show (sorry i got the date wrong on my previous post). hes got a great song called pop the glock by uffie. i would link to it there, but my computer is messing up. go to my myspace and you can hear the song.

so pissed.

well, my car was broken into last night. they took my ipod (SOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD) and some cash. also, they either sat in the car and smoked a while or they left cigarette butts that i have yet to find, it smells awful. everything from the diaper bag was emptied and thrown around the car, as well as a coin purse. whatever. im so mad i can hardly think.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

twitter pated

i am trying this thing. i saw it on a link from eleanore's site and hooked it up on my site. do any of you twitter? i am going to update from my phone. it seems like a weird and wonderful thing. also, youd be happy to know that i went to the eye doctor yesterday and got new glasses. will update in a week or two when i get them.

dj woody spinning on 4/20

for anyone that doesnt have plans for the weekend and wishes they did, woody is spinning at sandrinis in bekersfield on saturday night. not sure when it starts, maybe 9 or 10pm, but good times are going to be had. dj orange will be there as well, and who knows who else. let me know if anyone wants to stay at our house.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

work website and a diaper rant

well, we've been working more on our work website and i encourage all of you to check it out. mostly we just do the obituaries and guestbooks (please dont sign the guestbooks unless you knew the deceased), but there is also other info on it as well. its pretty simple.

rant: i am so tired of people that smugly ask me how the cloth diapers are going and if i have given up yet and gone to disposables since theyre so much easier. first i would like to know how they are easier? is it easier for people to pay a lot of money? that cant be it. is it easier because disposables turn stinky baby poop into a flower garden? i know thats not it. is it easier on the environment? hmm, i definately know thats not it. so really, they think that an extra load of laundry every 3 or 4 days is back-breaking work i suppose. well, its not. actually, id rather do the load of laundry then haul a garbage bag full of poop diapers out to the trash. but whatever. and one person that asked about my diapering actually responded with 'i dont care about future generations. im the important one here', when i told him that its better for the earth to use cloth (really what does he care, his kids are all in college). what a jackhole.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

church of christ, scientist

woody, the beby, the dog and i have been taking walks in the evening (either before or after jeopardy, depending on the temperature) around the neighborhood. sometimes it amazes me that there is so much in the 'hood that i just pass by, not paying attention. well, tonight we were on our walk tonight and we walked passed a church of christ, scientist, just down the way from our house (18th and d st. or so). well, woody asked what they are about, and i had no idea. i walked up the steps to look through the windows and it looked very church-y, seats (not really pews, but comfy chairs), verses painted on the walls, piano, etc. so i decided i would look them up in the wiki when we got home (i was going to blog on the baby's site anyway). once i started reading about the church i remembered learning about them in mortuary school, they were against doctors is all i remember, cant think of what kind of funeral they have. so, thats a little about them, if anyone knows something interesting else about them, let me know.

Monday, April 09, 2007

new blog to read

i was next blogging a while back, when i stayed home a lot with the baby, and i came upon this blog (also added to my side bar). i always think its funny when bloggers use initials instead of names, i suppose for animinity (okay, i dont actually know what that word means, just what i think it means, nor do i think it is spelled right) or whatever, but the author of the blog is only known to me as rh. her profile is private as well, and as far as i can tell she is a canadian (what is it with me and canadians? the whole country knows me...) and in school. anyhoo, i noticed when i started reading her blog that her posts used death cab song titles as their titles. then she used where is my mind (a fav of mine) by the pixies (see feb 22). so, its a link for y'all.

also, justin has been posting a lot of pictures of himself, which made me think that it had been a while since i did so, so here i am!!!

man, ive done it again...gotten better looking, that is.