Friday, March 30, 2007

pismo, biatch

woodys mom called yesterday to see if i had picked what days we wanted to use the rv at pismo. well, i had no idea what she was talking about, the conversation went something like this:
(scene: sara at reception desk of mortuary, as it is impossible to get decent staff so shes stuck there, on the phone with mother-in-law. woody in adjioning office with door between the two wide open, playing full tilt and holding georgia.)
cheryl: have you decided what days you guys want to use the 5th wheel?
sara: what?
cheryl: didnt ricky tell you we were bringing the rv over to pismo at the end of april and you guys could use it sometime?
sara: um, no...wait a sec.
(to woody) honey, whats the deal with pismo?
woody: oh. yeah, my mom said we could use it sometime.
sara: (ignoring woody, to cheryl) he forgot. whats the deal?
cheryl: well, were bringing it over to the beach for a couple of weeks, and we are using it the weekend of apr 28, so whenever you want to use it other than that is fine.
sara:oh, okay, well have to talk about it, but i will let you know.
cheryl: lisa is going to be out of town the week of may1st though, so, um...
sara: you want us in town then?
cheryl: well, yeah, that would be better so you can cover the office in shafter for her...
sara: so when would you like us to go to pismo?
cheryl: how about may 3-8?
sara: (writing down the dates) 3rd through the 8th. okay, well go then.
cheryl: well, you better make it the 4th through the 8th. that would be better.
sara: okay, 4th through the 8th.
cheryl: okay then. thanks, bye.
sara: bye.
(to woody) okay, were going the 4th through 8th.
woody: call ed. see if he wants to ride his bike over. well, and heather too. wait, just have the gang come if they can, but theyll have to get a room or something.
sara (already calling ed): okay. ill just post about it.

so, anyone want to have a weekend at the beach? bring food to cook (we have a kitchen) and beers. it will be fun.


RH said...

That does sound like fun. I can't believe you were born on February 28. I was born on the 29 February! Wild! =) Hope you are feeling better this past little while.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great time! Have fun and drink a couple beers for us!

edluv said...

crud. we have a wedding to go to on that saturday. but maybe we'll skip it.

Adam said...

I'd like to, but E and I'll just be getting back from Florida, so that'll be a pass for me. Thanks though.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I wanna come! I wanna come!