Thursday, March 15, 2007

gardening (i guess)

we have pretty low water pressure in the house, so our sprinklers are not working (well that and the pipes are busted from the trees). i decided to look up drip irrigation online to see if it was doable for me as i hear its good for low pressure systems as well as better at saving water (im trying to make up for the pool i guess). well, it looked like something i could do, and something that could be easily changed if need be, so i gave it a shot yesterday evening while woody was playing poker. heres how it turned out:

its just hooked up to the hose, the faucet is attached to an anti-siphon nossle, and that is attached to a thing that converts the 3/4 inch diameter to the 1/2 inch diameter that the hose is.
here is one of the 'drippers' i wasnt sure what kind to get, these are 2 gallon per hour ones, and for this tree i might need to get something here that seperates off into 2 smaller tubes, or a sprayer of some kind so that the roots all around revieve water, but i have to research that some more.
notice all the weeds. i hate weeding.
and it ends here, to the left of the porch when looking at the house from the street. notice the hibiscus that didnt survive the frost. it will be replaced shortly with a bower vine.


Adam said...

Hey, that's RainDrip. I have the same thing in my backyard, but I got drunk one night and fell on the anti-siphon part and broke it. I have yet to replace it.

edluv said...

i keep meaning to try and find out when woody is playing in a tournament that i can come down for.

The Jay said...

Good to see that you're doing well.
My mother is a great gardener and she loves the drip lines. When I was in high school I had to be carefuyl where we blew things up because there were often supply lines under everything (supplying water to the dripping parts of the lines).

Oh, and Becky is going to totally want your strawberry pot. She's all about it.

The Jay said...
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Anonymous said...

Jay's right! I do love the strawberry pot. Strawberries grow well here I guess, I'm sure they would be much better than the store bought ones we get....ew!

Good work on your garden! now that you have the kid just wait till she gets older and have her weed.

wise said...

well done sara. woody'll have to get some bark or mulch to put in those beds and then you won't even see the drip lines...and i think some mulches have a pre-emergent in them that keeps the weeds from popping up.
i hope you're counter-acting the peaceful act of gardening with some very loud house/dance/rock music.

edluv said...

strawberry pot? do they just flavor that stuff? or is it a spray like new car smell?

Monticore said...

Strawberry Pot? Don't you need a prescription for that stuff?

Anonymous said...

not out here but, they are so expensive!