Friday, March 30, 2007

pismo, biatch

woodys mom called yesterday to see if i had picked what days we wanted to use the rv at pismo. well, i had no idea what she was talking about, the conversation went something like this:
(scene: sara at reception desk of mortuary, as it is impossible to get decent staff so shes stuck there, on the phone with mother-in-law. woody in adjioning office with door between the two wide open, playing full tilt and holding georgia.)
cheryl: have you decided what days you guys want to use the 5th wheel?
sara: what?
cheryl: didnt ricky tell you we were bringing the rv over to pismo at the end of april and you guys could use it sometime?
sara: um, no...wait a sec.
(to woody) honey, whats the deal with pismo?
woody: oh. yeah, my mom said we could use it sometime.
sara: (ignoring woody, to cheryl) he forgot. whats the deal?
cheryl: well, were bringing it over to the beach for a couple of weeks, and we are using it the weekend of apr 28, so whenever you want to use it other than that is fine.
sara:oh, okay, well have to talk about it, but i will let you know.
cheryl: lisa is going to be out of town the week of may1st though, so, um...
sara: you want us in town then?
cheryl: well, yeah, that would be better so you can cover the office in shafter for her...
sara: so when would you like us to go to pismo?
cheryl: how about may 3-8?
sara: (writing down the dates) 3rd through the 8th. okay, well go then.
cheryl: well, you better make it the 4th through the 8th. that would be better.
sara: okay, 4th through the 8th.
cheryl: okay then. thanks, bye.
sara: bye.
(to woody) okay, were going the 4th through 8th.
woody: call ed. see if he wants to ride his bike over. well, and heather too. wait, just have the gang come if they can, but theyll have to get a room or something.
sara (already calling ed): okay. ill just post about it.

so, anyone want to have a weekend at the beach? bring food to cook (we have a kitchen) and beers. it will be fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


as some of you may know, i love watching qvc. well, my sister, rebekah, likes watching it as well, although not nearly as much as i do. for my birthday she gave me a qvc gift card, and this is what i bought:
the first two pictures are from the qvc website, the third is taken with my phone. it it 15.5 carats of smoky quartz set in silver. every march 1st qvc has a silver bonanza day in which they have 24 hours of silver jewelry, which is where i found this lovely ring.

this next ring was a birthday present from woody to me (but i picked it out, along with the matching earrings). it is from qvcs epiphany line which is sterling silver jewelry with two layers of platnum over it. i got it to wear with my engagement ring, since i cannot seem to locate my wedding band. the second picture is of it on me (notice the nice, plump fingers).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

gardening (i guess)

we have pretty low water pressure in the house, so our sprinklers are not working (well that and the pipes are busted from the trees). i decided to look up drip irrigation online to see if it was doable for me as i hear its good for low pressure systems as well as better at saving water (im trying to make up for the pool i guess). well, it looked like something i could do, and something that could be easily changed if need be, so i gave it a shot yesterday evening while woody was playing poker. heres how it turned out:

its just hooked up to the hose, the faucet is attached to an anti-siphon nossle, and that is attached to a thing that converts the 3/4 inch diameter to the 1/2 inch diameter that the hose is.
here is one of the 'drippers' i wasnt sure what kind to get, these are 2 gallon per hour ones, and for this tree i might need to get something here that seperates off into 2 smaller tubes, or a sprayer of some kind so that the roots all around revieve water, but i have to research that some more.
notice all the weeds. i hate weeding.
and it ends here, to the left of the porch when looking at the house from the street. notice the hibiscus that didnt survive the frost. it will be replaced shortly with a bower vine.

Monday, March 05, 2007

postpartum depression

well, the past couple of weeks ive been thinking a lot about how crappy ive been feeling, and so i called my aunt joanne on friday (i didnt want to worry my mom and dad) and she said i should go see my doctor about postpartum depression. i called my o.b. this morning and made the earliest appointment they had, march 15th. then i went to this monthly breast-feeding support group that meets once a month at the hospital i delivered at. its just a group of moms that get together led by a lactation consultant, and we bring our lunches and chat about mom stuff. ive been to them in months pryor, and thought i would talk about feeling so down, mostly because i have been afraid that the doctor would tell me something like 'well, your hormones are all wacky and will be until you stop breastfeeding, so you decide'. when i finally got up the nerve to tell the group about it (for some reason i was very embarrased about it) i immeadiately started crying (which i am sure made me look even crazier) telling them all of this stuff. they were all very nice and even a bit apalled at me having to wait so long to see the doctor ('it takes zoloft 2 weeks to kick in' one gal said, i thought that was funny) and one lady asked who my doctor was. when i told her she said that hers was the same doctor and that she had an appointment tomorrow morning and did i want to switch appointments with her, which i did. so, i appologize for the lack of posting, and i will really try harder. i feel better already, having had people to talk to about the whole situation.

in other news: we tried out a new church on sunday, the bridge. jenny and phil go there, but didnt go this past sunday. folks were nice, but the speaker wanst that great, although he was a oune-time guest speaker. so well have to try it again.