Monday, February 05, 2007

health insurance

well, we have health insurance through the mortuaries. the company switched us to a high deductable plan over a year ago. our deductable is $2000 each, each year, but the $2000 is given to us by our employer and it is put into a bank account (called a health savings account) for use with a debit card when we need it. the money not spent each year rolls into a retirement account that grows over time and can be accessed when were old (like 60 or something). anyhoo, there are more perks to the system that i dont want to go into, and we really like it, but the bank that the money is on is switching right now, so i have no access to the funds. normally this would not be a problem, but i had a baby 3 months ago, and all the bills for that are coming due, and i have absolutely no wat to pay them. i called the new hsa company, and its supposed to be taken care of in a few weeks, but i just wanted to rant about what a pain this has been.

i should go order some tea...