Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bakersfield resturant reviews

ive been thinking a lot lately about starting a website that reviews bakersfield resturants. i havent been able to come across anything like that and have thought it would be cool ever since i moved here, almost 5 years ago. since then i have been to many places to eat, but feel like i would have fount many of my favorite spots sooner had there been some way for me to hear about them instead of just noticing them as i pass by. so, what id like from all of you is some input: what types of info do you think would be helpful in choosing a resturant? and what should i call it?


Monticore said...

Well in choosing a resturant you should always go local. Maybe break them down into price range, local, and type of food. Maybe on the price you could use some street lingo. Like is your buget a.nickel bag b. dime bag or c. all about the benjamins.

It would be fun if you could make it into a Blogthings quiz that picks the "perfect bakos resturant for you."

Adam said...

Yeah, cost is a big thing, wait times, accessability, service, food quality of course, whether it serves alcohol or has a separate bar area, bathroom conditions. Just some ideas.

wise said...

Do they have specials.
Does everyone order one particular thing i.e. the best coffee in town, the best eggs over medium in town, best new york steak, yada yada.
Hours of operation - open at 5 or 6 in the morning. open till 11, 12, 1 or 2 at night.
Would you want to come back to this place.
Would you want to tell other people about this place.
Can 15 or 20 people sit together and eat, or just 4.

edluv said...

you should call it we eat bamboo but prefer your girl's ***********

Aufgeffalen said...

My Seattle friends and I talked about writing a book about breakfast places. It was going to be called "All Day Breakfast". One of the important things to review would be the quality and timeliness of coffee. Is the coffee good, do you have to ask for refills or do they anticipate your needs. One of the absolute plusses in my book is if they provide coffee while you wait for a table (any good place is bound to have some sort of wait, especially if you breakfast around noon. Also I think it's important to do some sort of standard comparison (ie eggs benedict) as well as highlight the specialties of each place (gingerbread waffles, blintzes, etc)