Tuesday, February 06, 2007

accidents and politics

on the weekend of jan 20th georgia and i took the train down on thursday to attend a funeral in fresno and woody came down friday after his work day ended. on his way home from work to pick up the dog and come to fresno, he noticed a comotion a block away in front of a house. the house is on 21st (our street) and is across the street and east one block, and a husband and wife, 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son live there, along with their dog. now, the reason i know this is because the husbands parents live across the street from us, on the north west corner (were on the north east), and they always walk over to see grandma and grandpa.

okay, so woody pulled into our driveway and sort of looked down the street at what was going on and kept hearing a dog barking, and thought that their dog had been hit by a car. so i guess he started walking down there, and saw the mom wrap what he thought was the dog in a blanket and jump in the car. well, he still is hearing a barking dog and realizes that their kid must have been hit, as the car speeds away with both parents and (i assume) both kids in it. he heard someone (maybe the driver of the car that hit the kid) say that they went to the hospital that is 4 blocks away from us.

woody was all shaken up, but knew that he should go to the grandparents house across form us and let them know what he thought had happened. now, we dont really know these people, ive only been there twice, once because we got their mail, and once to deliver christmas cookies (and they werent home then). the neighbors that live behind us said that they havent talked to them more than a couple of times in the years that they have been there. anyway, woody went over there and let them know what hospital they had gone to, and they left.
so, all that weekend woody and i worried about the kid, and i called milena (across 21st from us) to see of she knew anything, which she didnt, and we talked about how busy our street is and how it needs a few stop signs and we all need fences.

so, woody and i came home on sunday and wanted to go over there to ask what happened and see that everyone was okay, but its a really weird situation being morticians and asking about people in hospitals. i mean, we were very concerened, but we dont want people to think that we are only concerned because someone might have died or whatever (i think its because of the 'ambulance chaser' reputation we tend to have in this business). so, i decided that i would go over to the grandparents house and ask. nancy, the grandma, was home and invited me in to sit down (she even offered to make me some tea, which i declined) and i told her who i was and that i had come to see how the kid was. she told me that it was the boy that had been hit, and that somehow he was fine. i guess he ran out into the street and the car that hit him swerved just in time and he hit the side of the car. his face was bleeding, but i think it just was his teeth cutting his lip or a bad bloody nose. she said they kept him overnight for observation (probably checking that he didnt have a concussion) and released him the next day. she was very thankful that woody had come to let them know something was up with the kids.

now the people in the neighborhood are writing letters to our counsilwoman (who happens to live 2 blocks from us) about getting stop signs on 21st so that people stop going so fast (or, even better, use a different street, like 24th, the main drag in that part of town). so, shes up for election this year, or next, and i hear thats the time to get things done. i guess well see...


Adam said...

Power to the people. Please do let us know if you're neighborhood gets the stops signs you want.

edluv said...

don't get speed bumps. stop signs are good, they make people stop. speed bumps just annoy.