Tuesday, January 02, 2007


been doing some cleaning lately. putting away christmas stuff, clothes that georgia has grown out of, clothes that are old, etc. and getting ready for my aunt joanne and cousin nate to visit from san jose tomorrow. well, we really got in a mood to move around the furniture in the living room, so we did. here are some pictures of the new room, i think it will be very good for watching tv in any spot:

view from the dining room.

so, i think it will be nice. we dont have cable for a few days though, but theyre coming out on thurs morning to get it hooked up.


Adam said...

Cool, it looks nice.

Did Georgia help you with the couches?

Anonymous said...

change is always nice. I'm a big fan!

Chiva de corazon! said...

Gemma, Rocio, and I are looking forward to watching the novelas with you guys from a new angle.