Saturday, January 06, 2007

going back to work

well, ive been working a little here and there lately (dont tell the government), taking the baby along. its gone pretty well, although i havent done any embalming or restorative work. just hair, nails, makeup sorts of things, as well as office work, and its made me conclude that woody and i need a fax machine. a lot of what i do at work are tasks that i could easily do at home, if i had the right equipment. death certificates are done online now, and except for the recieving of causes of death from doctors via fax, ive got all i need to acomplish those. also, i can do layouts for memorial products (the folders we pass out and the register books, etc used at a funeral) from home, although i need a printer to print them out, or i could email them to woody for him to print at work (but it would be better if i could do it). we havent had a printer at home for 2 years now, and i think now that i want to work from home we cant slide by without one. all of our funeral files can also be accessed from the internet as well, with the correct name and password, so i can even help with the coordination of services (a land phone line would come in handy here, and for the fax...).

i am officially off of disability as of the 1st, so i need the money. i think i can sign up for another 6 weeks of pay through the paid family leave thing that california offers, but i have to get some paperwork to fill out.

so, ill be looking for a fax/printer if anyone has suggestions. i think i might even go for a fax/print/copy/scan model, but well see.


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I was going to suggest the 4 in 1. We have a HP 4 in 1 and we love it. We actually find ourselves needing a fax more often than one would think.

Adam said...

Fax machines are the devil.

edluv said...

yeah, i was going to say that if you get a fax eleanore might use it. but adam already referenced it.