Monday, January 15, 2007

broken laptop

i broke my laptop. well, i guess i broke it. the screen wont close and it seems like it is going to fall off any minute, so im afraid to move it. i have back-ups of all the important stuff, pics, work docs, etc, but i dont know what to do about my ipod. all my music is on there, and i want to move it all to the desktop that we have (that i use now), but i dont quite know what im doing. do i just plug in my ipod and it will copy it over, or will it erase all of my music from my ipod?? im sure i could do research to figure it out, but this is easier, so ill start here.


George Rutherford said...

It might be that it is just your monitor that is broken. You might be able to use your desktop monitor with your laptop. If you can, it will give you time to transfer your music files.

Anonymous said...

you could copy your music files to flash drives then when you get it fixed or get a new computer you can transfer it over. I have all my music and files and all that stored on a hard drive to back it all up.

Hope it gets fixed.

Adam said...

Yeah, what he said. I would try plugging the laptop into another monitor before anything else.

You won't be able to download the music off your iPod onto another computer without downloading some hacks. Apple protects their music.

If all your music is on your iPod though, you could probably do an internet search for "downloading music off an iPod" or something like that. Then install that software on your other computer and upload the music.

edluv said...

or, you could use a external hard drive. put it all on the ipod related files onto the hard drive, then eject the drive, plug it in to the other computer, and drag them on to it.

hell, i think you might actually be able to just network the two computers, and do it that way.

the tricky part may be what adam refers to as protecting music. many of the companies, including apple, use a crap system call drm (digital rights management). this is one of the ways that the music industry's is screwing you. so, if you have itunes on both computers, it may think you're transfering music from one person to another, which can be construed as illegal filesharing.

if you don't have itunes on the other, and just drag that whole program & files to it, then i think it should work w/o a problem.