Tuesday, January 30, 2007

adagio teas

my teas came in yesterday. so far i have tried silver needle, a white tea, and earl grey. they are both nice, and i am planning on reviewing them for the site. i can send anyone a $5 gift certificate to try out the company. they keep what ive ordered on file, and once i spend $100 (collectively, not at one time) they send me a $10 certificate. also, for each redeemed $5 certificate i give to someone, they credit me 50 cents toward my next order. they also give me 50 cents for each review of their tea. i think i might add a link to their site on my blog.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


i have always liked drinking tea. iced, hot, lukewarm, you just cant go wrong. my dad is a big tea drinker as well, as is my former roommate, sam. well, she called me last night and told me about this tea website that she found, and said they are so awesome and that i should give them a try. she even emailed me a gift certificate so that i would have even more incentive to get some of their teas. well, i am going to order some either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. they have these sample size teas so that i can try it first (they seem to make 5-10 cups in each sample) and i am really excited to gat some types that i wouldnt normally try. also, they have a selection of white teas, which i plan on getting and sharing with my dad, who might be interested in trying white tea.

Monday, January 22, 2007

what accent do you have?

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What American accent do you have?
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

music to my ears

well, i have decided to post about music.

growing up i always liked musicals. funny girl was my favorite, and i still like it a lot, and i can sing all of the songs by heart (as well as recite the spoken parts) and because of that movie i like barbara streisand fairly well. i also really enjoyed all movies disney, and in turn like all of the music in them. mostly i liked music that i could sing with, and that is still the case. my mom listened to a lot of james taylor, simon and garfunkel, seals and crofts, crosby stills nash and young, and chicago (and lots of other stuff) and these are some of the artists that i still like.
in later years, like 6th grade or so, i started liking groups like en vogue and boys II men, and had their tapes that i listened to. by 7th grade i was a country fan, and this came at a time when fresno had an 'all garth (brooks) all the time' radio station. it worked well for me. i still listened to other music, a little bit of alternative, some rap, etc. it wanst until high school though that i really started to get into music.
i liked alternative (sadly) and listened to the cranberies all the time. i was also really into bush, metallica (which i am not embarrased by), green day, counting crows, blues traveler, veruca salt, and no doubt. there are a lot more, but those are some of my favorites. fountains of wayne self titled album was a favorite during my junior year of high school, as well as the local rabbits. i soon grew out of that music though, and have pretty much stuck to good old rap and rnb. snoop, eminem, nate dogg, missy elliott, ludacris those are some of my faves. i do, however, have to give a shout out to some honorable mentions: evanesence, fergie, etta james, norah jones, and doris day.

Monday, January 15, 2007

broken laptop

i broke my laptop. well, i guess i broke it. the screen wont close and it seems like it is going to fall off any minute, so im afraid to move it. i have back-ups of all the important stuff, pics, work docs, etc, but i dont know what to do about my ipod. all my music is on there, and i want to move it all to the desktop that we have (that i use now), but i dont quite know what im doing. do i just plug in my ipod and it will copy it over, or will it erase all of my music from my ipod?? im sure i could do research to figure it out, but this is easier, so ill start here.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

going to be in fresno

well, i am going to be in the 'no either tuesday night or wednesday night for a funeral on wed afternoon at belmont cemetery, so if anyone has anything planned then that they want to invite me (and georgia) to, go right ahead. i am listening.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

kinda dumb

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

going back to work

well, ive been working a little here and there lately (dont tell the government), taking the baby along. its gone pretty well, although i havent done any embalming or restorative work. just hair, nails, makeup sorts of things, as well as office work, and its made me conclude that woody and i need a fax machine. a lot of what i do at work are tasks that i could easily do at home, if i had the right equipment. death certificates are done online now, and except for the recieving of causes of death from doctors via fax, ive got all i need to acomplish those. also, i can do layouts for memorial products (the folders we pass out and the register books, etc used at a funeral) from home, although i need a printer to print them out, or i could email them to woody for him to print at work (but it would be better if i could do it). we havent had a printer at home for 2 years now, and i think now that i want to work from home we cant slide by without one. all of our funeral files can also be accessed from the internet as well, with the correct name and password, so i can even help with the coordination of services (a land phone line would come in handy here, and for the fax...).

i am officially off of disability as of the 1st, so i need the money. i think i can sign up for another 6 weeks of pay through the paid family leave thing that california offers, but i have to get some paperwork to fill out.

so, ill be looking for a fax/printer if anyone has suggestions. i think i might even go for a fax/print/copy/scan model, but well see.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


been doing some cleaning lately. putting away christmas stuff, clothes that georgia has grown out of, clothes that are old, etc. and getting ready for my aunt joanne and cousin nate to visit from san jose tomorrow. well, we really got in a mood to move around the furniture in the living room, so we did. here are some pictures of the new room, i think it will be very good for watching tv in any spot:

view from the dining room.

so, i think it will be nice. we dont have cable for a few days though, but theyre coming out on thurs morning to get it hooked up.